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All players must be 18 years of age or older and must be healthy enough for physical activity.
All players must live or work in the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area.
$10 cash entry fee. $1 processing fee to pay by credit card.
Each player must submit application including addresses of personal "safe zones", photo and entry fee prior to each game.
Each player is required to sign a release of liability prior to each game.
Cash prize to the last person standing and the person with the most kills.
All assassinations must be recorded at Sage's Computer or online.


Players are assigned a target. Player must assassinate their target using one of the methods listed below. When you assassinate your target you take their card and this is your new target. Last player standing is the winner.

Assassinating Targets

Players may only assassinate their target or their attacker in self defense when attempted assassination is occurring.
Assassinations must be directed at target only, if the attack would assassinate others including non-players the attack is considered void.

Safe Zones

Inside a players home and work are considered safe zones. You may not assassinate a player in a safe zone.
General safe zones include Sage's Computer, players home, religious buildings, cemeteries, classrooms, all places of work.

Time Limit

Players are given up to three days for each assassination target. If you are unable to assassinate your target within the three days, you may become a free target to any eliminated player. If you are killed my the eliminated player they take your place in the game.

Acceptable Methods of Assassination

Water Gun (obvious toy colors & design ONLY- ABSOLUTELY NO life like water guns)
"Nerf" type weapons
Balled up socks
Rubber bands
Water Balloons
Cardboard Knives ("stabbing" only)
Spoons ("stabbing" only, scoop end)
Sharpie Markers (skin only)
Adding "Poisons" such as Tabasco sauce to foods
Toothpick with "Poison" flag served in ones food
Note left under ones plate saying "poison"
Alarm Clocks (Bombs)

Defensive Kill

If you see your assassin coming you can kill them first. If you can kill them in self defense they will be eliminated. The eliminated player must turn their card in at Sage's Computer and the card will be assigned to the assassin who was targeting them.

General Safety

Any assassination attempts that cause actual bodily harm or done in any way that is considered unsafe or illegal (such as breaking speed limits in pursuit) will automatically disqualify the player. Any player using weapons with life-like appearance will be disqualified.
Any disputes must be taken up with the host in arbitration. Ruling will be final & non-negotiable.
All assassinations must be reported with 48 hours to Sage's Computer or online.

Above all, the game is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
Do not try to find loopholes, abuse rules or commit any action that you believe gives you an unfair advantage.
Anyone who is believed to not be playing in the spirit of the game can and will be removed

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